Tesla EXTREME Laser Weapon (targeting) System LAWS | GoodFidelity
Tesla EXTREME Laser Weapon (targeting) System LAWS
Tesla EXTREME Laser Weapon (targeting) System LAWS
TeslaNikola Tesla (1856--1943), a noted inventor, scientist and electrical engineer, developed early high frequency technologies. Tesla worked on plans for a directed-energy weapon from the early 1900s until his death. In 1937, Tesla composed a treatise entitled The Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-dispersive Energy through the Natural Media concerning charged particle beamsLaser weapons could have several main advantages over conventional weaponry:Laser beams travel at the speed of light, so there is no need (except over extremely long distances) for users to compensate for target movement when firing over long distances. Consequently, evading an accurately aimed laser after it has been fired is impossible.Because of the extremely high speed of light it is only slightly affected by gravity, so that long range projection requires little compensation. Other aspects such as wind speed can be neglected at most times, unless shooting through an absorption matter.Lasers can change focusing configuration to provide an active area that can be much smaller or larger than projectile weaponry.Given a sufficient power source, laser weapons could essentially have limitless ammunition.Because light has a practically zero ratio (exactly ) of momentum to energy, lasers produce negligible recoil.The operational range of a laser weapon can be much larger than that of a ballistic weapon, depending on atmospheric conditions and power level.Laser beams do not generate sound or light that would be detected by human senses when emitted, so the weapon would not betray its user's position when fired.DEWs can be used discreetly, or even be totally hidden from plain sight.Modern ballistic weapons commonly feature systems to counter many undesirable side-effects mentioned for them in the above comparison. As such it follows that laser weapons' advantage over ballistics could end up more about elegance and cost.
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Imagen del vídeo Terminator Weaponry - Future Weapons
Terminator Weaponry - Future Weapons
Crafted from titanium, the Dillon M134 unleashes an unbelievable 50 rounds a second, 3000 rounds a minute. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=DiscoveryTV Follow Discovery on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DiscoveryUK
Imagen del vídeo High Energy Laser Destroys Rocket!
High Energy Laser Destroys Rocket!
The Lockheed Martin Area Defense Anti-munitions (ADAM) prototype laser weapon system successfully destroys a Qassam-like rocket target in an operationally representative free-flyer scenario at a range of 1.5 kilometers on April 22, 2013, replicating similar demonstrations conducted starting in March 2013. For more information, go to: www.lockheedmartin.com/adam
Imagen del vídeo Iran Reality and Illusion
Iran Reality and Illusion
I will remove any comments with "Disable Replies" activated. Since this bothers people more than the lies of the Iranian government: I am saying 500 or 1000 years. There's a brilliant BBC documentary on Iran here on YouTube: Behind the Rhetoric: The Real Iran | BBC Documentary, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYUQ5PAGVH8 Iran and its rulers make the next fantastic claim. After their missile fakery has been exposed.... After their hi-tech drone fakery has been exposed.... After their monkey fakery has been exposed.... Here's the next one: the stealth fighter jet fakery. The MoD claims it has done 1000s of flight hours and the pilots are happy with it. Sources: Qaher-313 stealth fighter http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/irans-new-stealth-fighter-jet-caught-out-by-bloggers-in-faked-photoshop-image-blunder-8493530.html http://www.businessinsider.com/irans-new-qaher-313-new-stealth-jet-cant-fly-2013-2?op=1 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2277412/Fake-stealth-plane-Irans-Photoshopped-fighter-jet-spotted-air.html http://globservateur.blogs.ouest-france.fr/archive/2013/02/14/iran-la-tres-prospere-industrie-du-fake.html Photos (MOD Iran) http://mod.ir/ Japanese drone http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/11/28/iran_drone/ Copyright: The usage of this footage follows the guidelines as laid out in section 107 (Fair Use) of the Copyright Act 1976 as it is used exclusively for analysis and criticism for non-profit educational purposes and thus does not require any permission from anyone. This video contains transformative information, does not infringe on the target audience of the critiqued material, is non-commercial, uses only the minimum, required material and thus does not infringe any copyright laws. It provides either a review, a comment, criticism, parody, education, satire or all of the aforementioned. Abusive take-down notices will be countered. Copyright and Fair Use http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#107 Creative Commons attribution non-commercial no derivatives license (CC BY-NC-ND) You are free to share, to copy, distribute and transmit the work Under the following conditions: Attribution — You must attribute the work to me (but not in any way that suggests that I endorse you or your use of the work). Noncommercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes. No Derivative Works — You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work. Tags: Religion, islam, muslim, Koran, quran, arab, Islamic, science, scientific, development, fake, Iran, Gaher 313, Gaher, fake jet, Qaher, Qaher 313, Qaher-313, stealth fighter, stealth jet,
Imagen del vídeo German UAV EXTREME microdrones
German UAV EXTREME microdrones
The microdrones are miniaturized VTOL-aircraft (Vertical Take Off and Landing). They can fly by remote control or autonomously with the aid of our GPS Waypoint navigation system. Thanks to the unique AAHRS (Attitude, Altitude and Heading Reference System) even completely inexperienced pilots can learn to fly the drone in a very short time. Usually a beginner is able to control the drone after less than one hour of training. Depending on attached payload and environmental conditions like wind speeds and ambient temperature the system can achieve flight durations of up to 35 minutes. Using the optional video goggles you can perform flights exceeding your visibility range.
Imagen del vídeo Laser Cut acrylic: Sun vector, China laser cutting machine
Laser Cut acrylic: Sun vector, China laser cutting machine
Good quality machines on sale instantlx@gmail.com Skype: instantlx
Imagen del vídeo S-70 Battlehawk Helicopter Sikorsky
S-70 Battlehawk Helicopter Sikorsky
One helicopter has what it takes to meet the challenges facing modern militaries that must continually do more with less. That helicopter is the S‑70™ BATTLEHAWK. Based on the battle-proven BLACK HAWK utility helicopter, the BATTLEHAWK integrates the specific features, capabilities and armament most requested by international military customers, all at an affordable price. In fact, the S‑70 BATTLEHAWK is uniquely qualified to meet their needs. Only BATTLEHAWK will meet the demanding requirements for armed reconnaissance and attack missions in the 21st century. Only BATTLEHAWK delivers capability and costeffectiveness in a single weapon system. Only BATTLEHAWK is versatile enough to carry out multiple missions, ranging from armed combat to disaster relief, but performing each with maximum effectiveness.
Imagen del vídeo Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser Testbed
Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser Testbed
The Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser Testbed, (formerly Airborne Laser) weapons system is a megawatt-class chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL) mounted inside a modified Boeing 747-400F. It is primarily designed as a missile defense system to destroy tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs), while in boost phase. The aircraft was designated YAL-1A in 2004 by the U.S. Department of Defense. The YAL-1 with a low-power laser was test-fired in flight, at an airborne target in 2007.[2] A high-energy laser was used to intercept a test target in January 2010, and the following month, successfully destroyed two test missiles.
Imagen del vídeo Tesla Howitzer used Against Mosque in Iraq - Tesla Howitzer Unveiled
Tesla Howitzer used Against Mosque in Iraq - Tesla Howitzer Unveiled
Video of a Javelin Missile for comparison. Note: NO BLUE BEAM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3iA5KCa16s Video of AT4 Missile launch for comparison. Note: NO BLUE BEAM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=007PIm7JtP0&t=2m20s This is video of a Tesla Howitzer, aka a Scalar Interferometer, destroying a mosque in Iraq. Update: I post these links to dispel the myth being propagated by agents of The Federal EmPyre on my original post of this video. Particularly they claim that the weapon used in this video is a Javelin Missile or an AT4, which it is OBVIOUSLY not either. They know that this is a Directed Energy Weapon, but fear my video as I laid out how simple this technology is, crossed directed microwaves. If they want to live without fear, they should prepare themselves to meet their maker, particularly cease serving The Mass Murderous Federal EmPyre owned by the mass murderous Rothschild family. Note to Federal EmPyre Propaganda whores and warriors for profit, the Rothschild's EmPyre does not care about you. The proverbial "Darth Vader" would choke you dead for fun on a whim. "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." -- Henry Kissinger. How humanizing is it to be seen as nothing but Storm Trooper body armor? Is the armor they assign going to shield you from a Tesla Howitzer? Or how bout a nuke blast? Or even a 7.62X39 bullet shot from an AK47 which is common... or a blast from an IED? That's THEIR plans for the world, is to sit behind and below a wall of microwave guns with enough Earth between them and the nuke war going on over their heads, The Rothschild EmPyre. You, as servants to The EmPyre have earned your utter devastation by your despicable service destroying ordinary people who want only to be free from EmPyre Tyranny and to live a decent life in harmony with their community, enjoying the company of their neighbors. You on the other hand are chasing cash sucking up to viciously murderous war profiteers, deluded by divisive rhetoric which calls you to destroy simple living people for profit. You won't realize how cheap the profit was, until you're paying the price for this treachery. Do better. This is video of a Tesla Howitzer, aka a Scalar Interferometer, destroying a mosque in Iraq. scalar tesla howitzer interferometer directed energe weapon plasma rifle
Imagen del vídeo Deadliest weapons ever invented- Metal Storm
Deadliest weapons ever invented- Metal Storm
Discovery Channel owns this video
Imagen del vídeo British Armys Black Hornet Nano UAV - BBC News Report
British Armys Black Hornet Nano UAV - BBC News Report
The Black Hornet Nano military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) measures around 10 cm x 2.5 cm and provides troops on the ground with local situational awareness. Used operationally by the UK's Brigade Reconnaissance Force. An example of the modern technology used by British Forces out in Afghanistan. BBC News report
Imagen del vídeo Narwhal 20A (by Nexter) remotely operated naval ship cannon system
Narwhal 20A (by Nexter) remotely operated naval ship cannon system
Nexter the French Defence company with its Narwhal Naval remote weapon systems is particularly designed for use in light ships with very high manoeuvrability for monitoring and close-in combat actions but may also be suitable for heavier tonnage ships. The effectiveness of the weapon is optimised by a stabilised sight associated with a fire-control system, while improving the operator's safety. In its basic configuration, the NARWHAL consists of a gyrostabilised mounting armed with a 20 mm cannon, a day camera and a fire-control system which is remotely-contolled from a control panel enabling system operation, target acquisition and tracking and fire opening by the operator.
Imagen del vídeo Spice 250 bombs - the israeli Secret Weapon exposed
Spice 250 bombs - the israeli Secret Weapon exposed
The Israeli air force is equipping its fighter fleet with Rafael's new Spice 250 glide bomb, with the company having disclosed partial details of the system. Unlike previous members of the company's Spice family of weapons, which added precision guidance kits to 2,000lb (900kg) and 1,000lb "dumb" bombs, this time Rafael is supplying a complete system, weighing 113kg. Rafael says the Spice 250 can be loaded with 100 optional targets in a given area, with scene-matching algorithms. As with previous Spice products, the weapon navigates to a target area using INS/GPS guidance, before its electro-optical/imaging infrared sensor is engaged. Rafael This combination enables a claimed circular error of probability accuracy of less than 10ft (3m), with positive target identification and no risk of GPS jamming, Rafael adds. The weapon also can provide a battle damage indication capability by transmitting an image of its target just before it is struck. According to Rafael the Spice 250 can achieve an extended standoff range of up to 54nm (100km) using its deployable wings, which also allow for increased weapons load-out on combat aircraft. Rafael also is supplying its smart quad rack to the air force, with each capable of carrying four Spice 250 bombs. The weapon will arm the Lockheed Martin F-16, while a Boeing F-15 will be capable of carrying a maximum of 28. "This allows each aircraft to handle multiple targets," says Rafael, including engaging time-sensitive targets and moving ground and maritime threats. The Spice 250 can also be armed with different types of explosives, in order to handle specific targets, says Yuval Miller, head of Rafael's air-to-ground directorate.
Imagen del vídeo X47B First Touch And Go Landing on USS George HW Bush
X47B First Touch And Go Landing on USS George HW Bush
The Navy's unmanned and autonomous X-47B continues to hit new milestones. Less than a week after completing its first catapult launch from a carrier deck last Tuesday the Unmanned Combat Aerials System (UCAS) executed its first touch and go landings--that's when an aircraft touches down like it's landing but then accelerates and takes off again--aboard the USS George H.W. Bush on Friday May 17th 2013, bringing this technology demonstrator ever closer to being fully carrier-capable.
Imagen del vídeo Real Star Trek Phasers: Science Friction Ep 2
Real Star Trek Phasers: Science Friction Ep 2
It's time you got your laser gun. Since Star Trek Into Darkness is coming out, this episode of Science Friction deals with laser weapons. How are lasers currently being used by the military? What handheld laser weapons are available today and what will the future of laser technology hold? Find out. Have you ever wanted to be more than human? On Science Friction I break down the real science behind comic book and sci-fi superpowers and tell you how an ordinary individual can attain superhuman abilities. Opening GFX by Paul Kamuf.
Imagen del vídeo The secret war being waged in Space
The secret war being waged in Space
A great video I found with many intellectuals discussing the NASA footage showing UFO's being shot at with particle beam weapons. All the raw footage used in this clip and more are available in my videos.
Imagen del vídeo Homemade 250mW Burning Red Laser
Homemade 250mW Burning Red Laser
Links: Why I'm using 3 resistors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF1dSMcfteo How to make the Driver Circuit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsWbqP6z-X4 Aixiz Copper Housing: http://www.aixiz.com/store/product_info.php/cPath/28/products_id/399 Laser diode: http://odicforce.com/shop/article_OFL314/LPC-826-Red-Laser-Diode-~300mW.html?sessid=sGQI17qgJAM1a4fYPCZVWL5kf22ZcBZp1FdymadQhd9MWWveBpDMrzevqloOZUOz&shop_param=cid%3D35%26aid%3DOFL314%26 Hi everyone! Another lovely red laser project for you any questions or comments you know where to put them. Apologies for the long posting times I decided to have a small break whilst I settle in to my new London flat. Lots of plans for more videos but if there's anything you need to me cover let me know! Remember lasers are dangerous, they are NOT toys! Never point lasers at any living thing / moving vehicles! Be sensible and responsible when using lasers! Buy Lasers:http://www.budgetgadgets.com/index.php?ref=51&cPath=118 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tingawinga5 Folding@home team: 123464 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tingawinga Website: http://www.tingawinga.co.ukSubreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/TingaWinga/Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Tingawinga5/posts
Imagen del vídeo Turkish Military Power 2013-2023 New Weapons (5th Powerful Army) HD
Turkish Military Power 2013-2023 New Weapons (5th Powerful Army) HD
TANKS +800 M60A3.......170 Sabra-3......398 Leopard 1T,,....339 Leopard 2 Next Generation....and soon 1000 Turkish Altay HOWİTZERS 222 upgrated M44T 155mm.............365 M52T 155mm..........219 M110A2 203mm......350 Turkish T-155 Storm 155mm..........400 Turkish Panter 155mm MLRS 136 Turkish TR-107.......+180 Turkish TR-122......136 Turkish TR-300.....36 Turkish J-600T........12 M-270........120 MGM-140 Atacms 2500km Balistic Missiles by 2015 Armored Fighting Vehicles = 7133 Towed Artillery Pieces = 1741 Portable Mortar Systems = 8840 Portable AT Weapons = 47025 Logistical Vehicles = 23691 HELİCOPTERS 100 Skorsky T-70.........109 New Skorsky S70-S.until 2018......48 Eurocopter Cougar AS-532......114 UH-1H.......18 MI-17......10 CH-47 Chinook until 2015........Turkish Transport Helicopter until 2018 31 AH-1P Cobra.....7 AH-1W Super Cobra..........3 AH-1Z Viper and 100 Turkish T-129 Atak until 2018 TURKISH AIR FORCES 240 F-16 C/D............54 upgrated F-4 2020 Terminator........30 F-16 Block 50+ (+70 F-16 Block 50+ until 2020).......116 F35A until 2018.....and 200 Turkish 5th generation TFX-C100 and TFX-C200 until 2023-2025 14 C-160 Transall........19 C-130 Hercules.........51 C-235M.....10 Airbus A400M until 2018 4 Boeing 737 AEW&C......7 KC-135R-CRAG Stratotanker UAVs = 7 Heron......18 GNAT 750.....60 Turkish TAI Anka A/B (20 of 60 Bomber Version) until 2018...........4 MQ-9 Reaper CRUİSE MİSSİLES = AGM-154 JSOW.....AGM-142 Popeye.....AGM-84H/K......and 2500km Turkish SOM by 2015 AIR DEFENSE SYSTEMS 48 Hawk XXI.......86 Rapier FSB1......3 MIM-104 Patriot.......Turkish Air Defense System HISAR-A...........FD-2000 Air Defense System until 2017 TURKISH NAVAL FORCES 17 Frigates......14 Submarines,,,,7 Burak Class Corvettes.....2 Turkish Milgem Stealth Corvettes......20 Mineware...........45 Amphibious Assault Ships 6 Turkish TF-2000 Clas Frigates until 2019.......6 T-214 Submarines until 2018......6 Turkish Milgem Stealth Corvettes until 2020 2 Turkish LST until 2020....1 Turkish LPD until 2018....1 Turkish LHD until 2019 Helicopters = 30 Skorsky Seahawk....11 AB-212 Aircrafts = 6 C-235N....10 ATR-72 and 20 F35-B Fighter Jets for LHD until 2019 TURKISH ARMY IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST ARMY IN THE WORLD
Imagen del vídeo World Record Submission - 100 Laser Balloon Popping Dominoes - Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton 750mW+ IMG *
World Record Submission - 100 Laser Balloon Popping Dominoes - Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton 750mW+ IMG *
IMG * Laser Balloon Popping Dominoes record set (and submitted) with Wicked Lasers' Spyder III Krypton (750mW - 1000mW) laser. More WorldScott.com / IMG * laser vids → http://d.ro/lasers ← Video recorded at http://cremeriedeparis.com/ Int'l Exposition Center. Here is a world record submission video of 100 balloons falling like dominoes in a single file line. If confirmed, this will have been the most balloons in a single file line consecutively popped from end on with a single fixed visible laser beam to date. Using a 750mW - 1000mW (1W) Spyder III Krypton Laser the record for single file balloon popping was set: 100 six inch (15.2 cm) balloons! This video has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for officiation. The balloons are held in place by being weighted down with specially modified plastic cups filled with water. This prevents balloons that are popping from knocking other un-popped balloons out of position. The focusing lens used is from a soldering kit's "helping hands" alligator clips holder. Also to enhance beam visibility a small bit of glycerin smoke was added to the air. My video here is featured in Series 2 of the Discovery Channel program "You Have Been Warned" under "Home Made Heroes": http://www.discoveryuk.com/web/you-have-been-warned/video-vote/?jumpvideoId=31 Disclosure: Though the concept was my own, Wicked Lasers remunerated me for producing this video and provided me with the Spyder III Krypton 750mW+ laser in order for this production to demonstrate a capability of their product. The popping of 100 six inch (15.2 cm) red balloons as demonstrated in this video is not an effect or otherwise performed in any other manner than with a 750mw - 1000mW (1W) Spyder III Krypton Laser with its burning lens and an additional separate focusing lens. Anyone else with a similar setup and skill could indeed reproduce what is demonstrated in this video. レーザー光線で風船100個割ってみた レーザーと風船でやる最新ドミノ遊び!(動画)‎ More WorldScott.com Videos: http://WorldScott.com/
Imagen del vídeo LaserOrigami: laser-cutting 3d objects
LaserOrigami: laser-cutting 3d objects
LaserOrigami is a rapid prototyping system that produces 3D objects using a laser cutter. LaserOrigami is substantially faster than traditional 3D fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and unlike traditional laser cutting the resulting 3D objects require no manual assembly. More Information: http://www.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/baudisch/projects/laserorigami.html LaserOrigami is a research project by Stefanie Mueller, http://www.stefaniemueller.org Bastian Kruck, Patrick Baudisch, http://www.patrickbaudisch.com Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany

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